Winter Mini-Conference - February 15, 2018

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Winter Mini-Conference - February 15, 2018

THANK YOU to the following for their support of WMCA’s 2017 Winter Conference!

Gold Plus

  • Ferris State University
  • Forest View Hospital
  • Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services          


  • Grand Rapids Community College
  • Michigan Association for College Admission Counseling                                                 
  • Michigan Virtual University                                                
  • Wedgwood Christian Services


  • Psychology Associates of Grand Rapids


Counselors’ Mini Conference 

Thursday, February 15th for the WMCA Winter Mini-Conference!

If you are a 2017/18 member, the conference is FREE! If not a member, the cost is $30, (the cost of a WMCA membership) payable at the door.  

Date: Thursday, February 15, 2018

Time: 7:30am – 2:30pm

Location: KISD, ESC, Parking Lot #11

  • 5 SCECHs hours are offered with a $5 registration fee required for SCECH applications.  
  • The conference is free to WMCA members.  
  • WMCA annual membership cost is $30.

Past Presenters Topics for This Conference Included:

  • Sexting: Turning Students into Sex Offenders
  • Examining Rape Culture
  • Teens, Families & Alcoholism
  • Helpful Strategies for Counseling Challenging Youth
  • Welcoming and Entertaining Anxiety
  • Life After High School: 5 Ways to Help Students Relieve the Anxiety Over What Comes Next
  • High School Supports from the Michigan College Access Network
  • Emotional Aftermath of Sexual Assault