West Michigan Counseling Association

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The Purpose of OUR Chapter

  1. To promote and advance the interest of counseling, guidance, and personnel services in the Chapter service area.
  2. To provide an organization through which those engaged in counseling, guidance, and personnel services can exchange ideas, seek solutions to common problems, and to stimulate their professional growth.
  3. To maintain and improve professional standards in the field of counseling, guidance, and personnel services (http://www.counseling.org/Resources/aca-code-of-ethics.pdf).
  4. To conduct activities designed to promote the professional growth of those who provide counseling, guidance, and personnel services.
  5. To disseminate information and to focus public attention on and promote legislation affecting counseling, guidance and personnel workers.
  6. To promote and encourage research in counseling, guidance, and personnel work.


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We Want YOU!!!


If you are a current member of WMCA, we are glad that you have joined with us to advance the purpose of professional counselors throughout West Michigan, including Kent, Ottawa, and Allegan counties.  It is our hope that you have found your membership to be both relevant and satisfying, and we hope that you renew your membership with us.  Your renewal will send a strong message to all that WMCA is a strong, viable organization that is committed to providing its membership with excellent programs and leadership.

If you are new to WMCA, we encourage you to join our re-energized organization!  This membership provides the following benefits:

  • Receipt of four WMCA Newsletters published in the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer
  • WMCA Fall Program
  • WMCA Winter Conference
  • WMCA Spring Banquet and Annual Chapter Business Meeting
  • Listing in the WMCA Membership Directory
  • Receipt of the WMCA Membership Directory, including the WMCA Constitution and By-Laws
  • Leadership opportunities on the WMCA Executive Board 
  • Opportunites to Nominate deserving peers for WMCA Awards
  • Opportunites to Nominate deserving high school seniors for the WMCA Scholarship
  • WMCA Regional Chapter representation on the Assembly of MCA

Clearly your nominal membership fee gives you "a lot of BANG for your buck!"

If you have been a past member of WMCA but have not renewed your membership for some time, we encourage you to give us another try and see how we have changed!  We think that you will be pleasantly surprised with our renewed energy and commitment to meeting your needs as a professional counselor!

To print a copy of the WMCA Membership Application click the link below and remember to send it in with a check or a money order to the address on the application.  If you have any questions about membership, please contact Renee Hartman via the following email: rhartman@grcs.org.

As stated in the WMCA By-Laws, "Membership in the Chapter shall be by individual, and it shall be open to all persons regradless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, or handicap."